Programmer/hardware designer for hire!

Do you need a custom device that doesn't exist yet? Are you looking for a software solution but can't find anything that would suit your purposes? You can hire your own software and hardware developer!

What I'm offering

  • Designing a custom electronic device and developing firmware for it
  • Writing desktop and web apps for various purposes
  • Have some Linux sysadmin background, so I could help with your infra as well
  • Technical consultations

What I'm looking for

  • Smaller projects (I'm an employed as a part-time developer, so I have limited amount of time available).
  • Digital electronic devices - I have solid experience with STM32, Atmels, 8bit Microchip PICs and I've worked with various other platforms.
  • Windows/Linux software (I'm more a backed developer, so no advanced graphical apps)
  • Backend for web apps (Flask,SQLAlchemy,...)

Finished projects

Charpy Impact Tester controller

A complete design or a controller for the Charpy Impact Tester (the original one was defective and had some usage flaws). The Controller is based on a STM32 MCU with a graphical touch display. After the hammer is secured in the upper position and sample placed in the holder, the user presses the run button, hammer is released, breaks the sample and the force needed to break the sample is measured. Up to 1000 measurements can be made and the average value is calculated. Additionally, the results can be printed on the thermal printer inside the device.

display charpy

Manufacturing planner

A simple software for planning manufacturing process of several dependable stages, each stage has a configurable work hours for every day, each manufacturable item has a defined time it takes to make on every stage, etc. The customer orders are entered into the planner and all important data are calculated, e.g how much material needs to be ordered and when, how long the manufacturing takes on each stage, when to start manufacturing to fully utilize following stages and avoid any idle times waiting for previous stage to produce enough material for the next work-shift...

The software supports two access modes, the ordinary users can create new orders, the administrator can lock orders in time (orders with hard deadtime) and mark orders as finished. The ordinary orders can be split to multiple stages, e.g. when there's a high priority order that can be made in two days, the longer order running for several weeks is split around this high priority one.


Smart keys network gateway firmware

A firmware for ESP32 based device with Ethernet and WiFi connectivity that acts as a gateway between a cloud service and a smart BLE enabled keys. The device provides a simple self-hosted web interface for a basic configuration (network settings, cloud address, user ID,...). After it's configured, it waits for a compatible BLE device to appear, once it's connected, the data are exchanged between this device and remote cloud service.